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On this Blog Website you can find unbiased opinion regarding all viral and upcoming new binary options software solutions and brokers! We will warn you about the potential threats hidden behind the shiny presentations of those services! Usually when new binary options gets released, its becoming a Hype, and everybody are getting crazy, their minds are getting blurry and their decisions are not taken clearly! We are hear to help you take the right decisions and prevent you from high risky investigations!

BinaryHype.com is constantly monitoring the online markets and all of the 2016 top service providers. We consistently test binary options signals services, auto trading solutions and we gather vast feedback on all brokerages involved with options trading.

What actually is Binary Options!?

Options trading is financial instrument, which allows you to invest with the online markets. The difference between Forex is that options trading involves less risk and higher payouts. Simple is that with in basic Binary Options you only have to choose two features. If, the price is going up (CALL) or down (PUT) and the expiry time. After the chosen from you expiry time ends, if the current price is Above (for CALL) or Below (for PUT) your entry price (STRIKE RATE), this trade is IN THE MONEY and you win the payout. Sounds very simple but if, you want to be successful trader you must implement technical and fundamental analysis behind every trade taken.

Such actions can be very time consuming and in our harsh world, most people don’t have the time to stare at the charts for 10 hours per day. That’s why some people prefer to use Option services, Signals or Robots, to help them by simply removing half of the work, which needs to be done in order to produce high probability trading signals.

Options Signal: those services are providing trading signals, which you have to place with your broker manually. They are offered in different models, as Facebook groups, TXT SMS, Emails and others. Basically you skip the technical and fundamental part and you just trade the signals given by your signal service provider.

Options Auto Trading Robots: those software solutions are based on sophisticated algorithms. Here you just need to choose the settings you wish and start the auto trading software. Everything else will be done automatically on your behalf while you are away from the computer.

Who are we, and why should you visit binary options blogs, before you take any investing decision!

Visiting industry blogs is very healthy, because they can give prompt answer if, any service or broker has bad intentions! Since 95% of the new service that come out every day are scams. A lousy money stealing schemes, stalking the innocent new comers to the financial world. Truth is that there are also blog websites who are supporting scams, so you need to be careful in picking your news source too. Features like SSL protection and Site Lock are very helpful in deciding if, the blog website is serious or not, as it costs money every month to have such verification and security measures! The scam blog websites usually don’t waste money for such features, that’s why the above displayed security tools are good indication if, the website you are landing on is reputed!

Binary Hype is owned by two real day traders. We are pledge to be honest with our readers and eventually help with every matter we can. That’s why if, you have any kinds of questions regarding: chart analysis, money management strategies, brokerages, bonuses, account managers, services or anything else related to the online markets world just contact us without hesitation!


Important Disclaimer: Online trading is for 18+ and involves certain risks! Take all your decisions carefully and never invest money you cant afford to lose! This blog page is NOT under the ownership of any binary options company! Take a notice that any unregulated activity by U.S. Citizens is considered as Illegal!


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