AutoTrader Alpha Scam DETECTED

 AutoTrader Alpha is a 100% SCAM!

Our Unbiased review will expose this filthy binary options fraud!

AutoTrader Alpha is supposed to be new binary options automated trading solution. The alleged CEO Tim Gold promises estimate profits between $500 and $2000 on daily basis. The official website has no third party verification, the only credibility comes from the actual presenter. He is displayed as well-known person who walk out before 2 years from very lucrative job in Silicon Valley that paid over $500,000 yearly as software developer. However, he drops that golden goose in order to chase his dream to start working from home! Eventually he created the AutoTrader Alpha Software and since then he is managing to generate 5 – 6 times more money than his previous job. Cute story, but BinaryHype will question all those statements during our investigation, do you think they will hold? Read this review till the very end, we will expose very interesting facts supported with solid evidence!

autotrader alpha scam

Is AutoTrader Alpha SCAM?

We watched the whole presentation video, as always in search of credibility and honesty. Unfortunately, such things couldn’t be found inside The video presentation is complete BS, containing no intelligent information what so ever. Tim Gold decided to trash talk instead of providing solid information of how this online opportunity works!

Mr. Gold claims few very interesting things, related to the payout rates of binary options industry and the actual autotrader alpha software success rate! Both are highlighted at 96% inside the video and the official website! However, the reality is completely different: the average return rate in BO is 75%, that’s far away from the announced 96%, and completely debunks the chance of doubling up your investment with single trade! Overall, good traders use 2 – 7% of their trading accounts using the whole account with every trade is stupid, and it’s not considered as trading but its more in the gambling field! Obviously because you can blow your account with single losing trade. In this case he is leading the presentation in that way because he stats that autotrader alpha system provides 96% win rate! Yes, if such accuracy existed probably trading with your whole account won’t be problem, unfortunately the truth is different! The online markets are too unpredictable and such success rates does not exist, everything above 80% is considered as nearly impossible. Just for example the best Wall Street traders hardly go near 80%!

The whole presentation is made in “make you eager” style. The reason behind all those talks about how you can afford many vocations to exotic places and pay your mortgages, buy new cars and houses, they are just marketing tricks! Serious legit service will never force you into registration and say that there are only few spots left and use manipulative tricks like those! With autotrader alpha system we experience classic money stealing scheme! Everything is setup to make you wonder “if it was possible?” and trick in order to register and lose your money!

Now since, we already exposed that autotrader alpha System does not enjoy any endorsement by the trading community. We would like to say few words regarding the main credibility source – Tim Gold! Should we trust this guy? Are his words bringing enough authority?!  The hard truth here is that he’s not the honest guy, you think! Tim Gold is non-existing personality, just created to represent this trading system. Tim Gold is paid actor and the whole story about the Silicon Valley and autotrader alpha software seems to be a Dream! The real person behind this personality is selling spokesperson gigs on online marketplace called We will provide evidence and expose his real identity! In matter of fact you can buy the very same gig and this guy will create such looking promotion video, and represent whatever you need!

autotrader alpha scam review


We thing that the exposed solid evidences are enough to back up our statements! AutoTrader Alpha is hundred percent SCAM! Investing with this software will be disasters, you will lose all your money in matter of hours! Credible binary options service will never use paid actors or try to push you into registration by lousy misleading and over-promising statements! The Dubious content here is undeniable!

Review Verdict: AutoTrader Alpha Scam Confirmed on 100%! Make sure to avoid, it hides immense risk for your hard earned money! Remember to always rely on good reputed trading system, like Binadroid 2 Bot, for example!

Report fraudulent activities: is SSL and Virus-free, This Scam Review does not contain any affiliate links to any trading bot or binary options broker!

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