Binabot Review! Reliable or Scam Auto-Trader?

Binabot Review!

Why Binabot is considered as one of the best auto-trading systems?

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Binabot is considered as the successor of Binadroid. The new service has improved and far more advanced trading algorithm, which will allow even the newbie traders to access the financial world easily! The previous version of the service was half automated and was not suitable for all types of traders. That’s why the creator Troy Everett decided to upgrade the service and add some new very amazing features.

We feel that this service really separates from all the scams currently advertised in the binary options niche. Remember to always rely on good reputation trading service, in order to prevent any potential money loses!

binabot review

What exactly is Binabot v2?

Officially created and presented by Troy Everett! The software relies on complicated android technology, which is hard to explain but we will try to provide you with understandable explanation approach. When you start the auto-trading function, the system’s is going to work. Using the cutting edge new smart phone technology, the bot is reaching hundreds of thousands of smart phones all around the globe. The purpose behind this is to extract and analyze financial data! The raw data is used by binabot to determine few very important aspects in order to start placing trading positions.

First the binabot is determining the trader’s sentiment, into the current markets conditions for varies of assets! Probably some of them are familiar to you: Gold, EUR/USD, USD/JPY, Facebook, GBP/USD and others. The trader’s behavior is important because, that how the service finds potential emerging trends. Rising and dropping of the volume / interest in particular asset, can tell you two things. When there is a good opportunity to enter the markets and when it’s good to leave the markets.

Second part of the algorithm researches the current fundamental situation. In nowadays, the smartphones are spreading the news in matter of seconds and by researching their APP’s you can get all the new financial news instantly.

The combination of trader’s behavior and potential markets swings forced by the fundamental’s is making the binabot one, if not even the most powerful trading tool! No one can forecast the online markets on 100% that certain, but having binabot on your side can bring your success rate up to 92%!

binabot review

The Features of Binabot Software!

The trading platform of binabot system is very easy to use. Basically if you can create an email and use it, you can use the interface of binabot with no problems. That’s actually pretty good! Since most of the financial trading tools are extremely complicated and hard to understand for the new traders.

  • Auto Binabot – This is the feature, which makes this service so special. By turning it on your copy of the software, will execute trades on complete auto-pilot. No human presence required!
  • Low, Medium and High – those are the risk levels. Low means less trading positions with higher accuracy and longer expiries (30 minutes – 1 hour expiries). High means high trading volume! Basically choosing this service will make the robot to trade 60 second trading, lower accuracy but high amount of trading positions (recommended only for people with higher budgets). Medium is in between, choosing this the binabot will place short trading positions between 5 minutes and 30 minutes.

Currently we can recommend the medium feature as most profitable and well rounded!

  • Economic Calendar – for more ease to the investors, the binadroid team has integrated an economical calendar their platform. Now you can follow all the important trading news, founded by the algorithm live inside their web-based platform!
  • Free charts – you even can watch live on 5m, 15m, 30m and 1h, charts where most of the assets are heading.
  • The Reverse! This is really a special feature, allowing the traders to have even more control over the software. By pressing this option, your copy of the system will start taking the exactly opposite trading positions of its analysis!
  • Signal Service – In the bottom left of the platform you get 5 top signals, which are changing on every 20 – 30 minutes. Those signals are for little more advanced traders as they require little more attention. You have to get the signal and place the trade manually into your broker account. However, many day-traders are reporting amazing results coming exactly from the manual signals of binabot!

How you can use the Binabot Software!

The auto trading feature is very easy to use! You have to push exactly 3 buttons.

  1. Press Auto Binabot v2
  2. Choose the risk level (low, medium or high)
  3. Choose the amount you want to invest per trade (starting from $25 and going up to $150)

That’s it, now you just sit back, relax and watch how the trading system works!

Is Binabot Scam?

This is probably the most important question, which all investors are interested in! The answer is simple and its supported by hundreds of traders. The service is 100% endorsed by the trading community! Registering and investing with the binabot system won’t harm you! The social medias are full of success stories from real trader, which are easy to access by anyone! There are many topics, which separates the Binabot System with the regular scams. Probably the most important is that you can hear any misleading information or see any false credentials inside official page of the program!

the binabot software review

Is Binabot Free and how you can Register?

Signing up with the binabot system is absolutely free, and there are no strings attached! However, there is a minimum money deposit requirement. When you open your new broker account in order to use the service you have to put some money inside! The capital remains yours, and it will be available for withdraws anytime if, you want! The system allows its members to start low and rise their trading accounts! But keep in mind that as every normal trading venture, the higher your investment is the more profits you will make.

If you like no join this amazing trading program, just click the banner below! Watch the video, fill out the short registration form and in matter of minutes you are set to go!

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Binabot Review – Conclusion!

We would like to clear this matter one more time. The Binabot Software solution is not a SCAM! We guarantee that, and keep in mind that we have the reputation to be a very skeptical binary options oriented blog. Our high criteria, really assure good filters for those scams, and we will never endorse a shady trading system!

The binabot, is good way to add some extra income to your monthly revenues. The service is highly endorsed by everyone, and as we mentioned before there are already many stories describing the success of the day-traders who have this program by their side!

The Creator of the service is real person with lots of financial background behind him. He has been quite successful over the years and his new invention really amazed the trading industry! With this Binabot Review we aim to remove any doubts about this service and we strongly recommend, that you have a copy of it. Its free and you won’t regret the registration we can assure that!

Review Verdict: Binabot Software is Legit at Profitable Auto-Trading Service!

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