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This unbiased review will reveal if there is something suspicious with this new Binadroid APP.

Official Binadroid website:

Binadroid was officially launched before one week. We waited a little bit before we end up writing this review because we wanted to test the service a little bit and we also wanted to gather some industry opinions before we investigate the trading service! Is Binadroid scam? This is the main question that will be discussed in this transparent article! This service enjoys very high reputation among large portion of the industry community! Is there reason for that?

Landing on the official page, we meet Troy Everett the father of this trading tool. We have one presentation video and everything as information comes from there. According to Mr. Everett’s explanation this new software is based fully on android technology. The sophisticated algorithm is interacting with thousands of smartphones all over the globe in search of high probability signals! However, the background story is interesting but we won’t waste time to discuss that we want to answer the main question! Overall we are dealing with short term trading system!

Binadroid simple settings! the-binadroid-app-settings

Is Binadroid Scam?

Who is Troy Everett, why he is giving this service to the wide public?! His goal is to gather some success stories from the regular day-traders. That’s why he released for free the binadroid app for period of 6 months. Immediately after the 6 months’ trail ends, he plans to start selling this software for quite big price!

The most valuable Binadroid APP features?

The Minimum investment amount is only $5, yes and that’s confirmed! The Binadroid APP support actually responds within 24h? Yes, that’s true this software really deserves a lot of credit regarding their support team. The software is synced with many reputed brokerages? Another yes! We met, Binary Tilt, Banc De Bianry and Option Fm, all three are regulated. For US traders we can verify that you can sign up with Cherry Trade, which is the best reputed non-regulated broker!

Our social media research showed that this service is strongly endorsed by many industry blogs. There are tens of live trading sessions with over 80% success rate all over the YouTube, which is always a good sign! We even came across a session displayed on, where we witness 100% success rate session. The man who created the video Ventsislav Velev, mentioned that his personal experience proved that the Binadroid software is working more properly on slow markets. Besides that, pretty amazing video we came across several other industry blogs who rated The Binadroid Software very high! We want to point that here we are not talking about fake endorsements or testimonials made by fake actors hired form We are speaking about real people with very high reputation among the trading community!

After we saw so much positive feedback regarding this software, we decided to register and make few sessions ourselves. Our results were pretty amazing, overall we managed to reach 90% success rate with some of the sessions and the lowest rate was 70%! We will attach some of our results! Trading sessions where all made by 60 sec trading! Binadroid is really working amazing at this point! This software is going to be the first that we recommend!

Binadroid Results Snapshots can explain a lot! Just small part of the overall trading sessions!




We have four reasons to believe that Binadroid is not a scam! First, we couldn’t find any malicious content onto the official service website: We have one promotion video almost strength to the point! But the important thing is that the CEO stayed out of over-promising crazy statements and we love that. Second; The Binadroid results! The industry is accepting this service very good and there are tens of success stories all available on the web, some of them from very trusted and verified news sources! The trustworthy verifications are easy to reach on Google! Third, we personally tested the service! We made around 100 trades, the overall success rate stayed around 80%! Some sessions even reached 90% and some went down to 70%. Last but not least, the minimum investment per trade with The Binadroid Software is only $5, this amazing feature really worth mentioning is extremely rare. Most of the free services offer minimum trading amount with $25, were you need to invest at least $500 in order to test the trading system properly! In The Binadroid’s case you can invest only $200 – $250 and still be able to pull out great profits with almost zero risk!

Review Verdict: Binadroid Is verified and legit Service! Risk-Free and recommended for registration!

Visit: register for free!

The registration process with The Binadroid Software is extremely easy, just follow the steps and add real information, if you struggle in any way you are free to contact us for guidance!

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