Binary Interceptor Scam Spoiled

 Binary Interceptor Scam Check!

This Review will reveal all the scam elements involved in if there are any!

Binary Interceptor APP is brand new binary options trading system. The alleged CEO whose representing this software is Robert Harper! According to his words he is very famous millionaire generated all his wealth by trading the financial markets true binary options. To be honest reviewing this service will be quite fun. Our in-depth investigation found countless dubious facts inside Even at the start we can claim without any doubts that Binary Interceptor APP is just a high budget fraud operation! The Maserati and the good looking office are just part of the dust who’s supposed to hide the reality from your eyes!

 The binary Interceptor Scam

Is Binary Interceptor Scam? The reality!

How exactly this software is working? The algorithm will intercept all the new fundamental data, filter the relevant one and provide trading signals. From this explanation we realize that this is some kind of signal service. Short after that our creator Robert Harper brings some more light in and says that the whole process is fully automated, meaning that the provided signals are also executed by the algorithm.

Okay, no matter that we don’t get really transparent explanation on that how this system works we are willing to accept everything and move on.

Because you are lucky invited to this page, by pesky email marketer. You won’t need to pay for the monthly subscription, which is $997, but you`ll gain full access to this web-based software. But only if you are qualified, till the end of the presentation no one really explains what “be qualified” means. Anyway, everyone is actually qualified, and this is just some strange marketer trick.

Now should we believe in what Mr. Harper the father of Binary Interceptor APP, claims?

First we wont to point some of the unrealistic claims Robert Harper made, and actually we`ll question his identity.

After signup you`ll be assigned to personal trading expert who’s going to hold your hand till you reach the monthly profit target of $10,000! Everything is free, because Robert has already paid for that feature. That’s a lie, the person who’s going to call you after you register is you’re actually working for the broker you, to which you are going to be assigned. This person is called an account manager and all brokers use them. In most cases this so called trading guides will try to upsell you in order to deposit more money and push you into bad trading condition in order to lose your money. Simply every broker has interest to make you lose money with them because that’s how they make money! So, no one will hold your hand, even worst, they will try to make you lose money!

Is Robert Harper really the person, who he claims to be? He made some very interesting statements about his identity. He advertises himself as one of the most famous and rich binary options traders! In addition, he claims that 80% of the home trading millionaires are his students using his software solutions. Very big words, of course easy to confirm if they are true! Any successful trader has history, success stories, articles, reviews and all kinds of information exposed on the web. So, organically we made a Google Search regarding his identity! Surprisingly or not, we found only negative reviews and posts related to No one knows this man and there is not a single post that can back up his words of honor!  We don’t know about you, but we surly don’t believe in his claims! For us this guy is just a paid actor, representing the next scam!

Testimonials and endorsements:

There are few people who participate as beta testers, and actual members of Binary Interceptor APP. We find out that one of them is actually the official presenter of other dangerous scam called Virtual Income! What comes to the others? Nothing they are just all paid actors hired to bring credibility to this system but eventually they FAIL! Check the snap shots below!


binary interceptor scam review

Regarding the endorsements, we notice some security badges on, but they are all fake! Claims about SSL encrypted protection and virus protection but they are unclick-able and the website URL does not start with HTTPS:// so obviously it’s not SSL protected!

The software does not enjoy any community endorsement also, and negative reviews are just popping every day from tin air!


After all we exposed we surly believe that you won’t touch this bad intention trading system! We have all the scam elements, to confirm the fraud. Fake identities, unrealistic claims, false credentials, fabricated testimonials, and more. Do not invest with Binary Interceptor APP because you`ll lose your money, simple!

Final Verdict: Binary Interceptor Scam Confirmed! Beware, stay away from

Report fraudulent activities: is SSL and Virus-free, Make Sure to Check the Wikitrader, everybody claim that its’ a good auto-trading software!

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