Cloud Trader Scam Exposed

 Cloud Trader Scam Check!

The exposure review will reveal the true face of Cloud Trader!

Cloud Trader APP will make you over $1000 every day consistently! That’s what the alleged CEO Matthew Shepherd claims true the entire video presentation. Thing is that binary options, simple as it is can’t guarantee certain profits! There is no human being or software that can predict the potential profit with 100% accuracy! Of course you can set yourself a daily win target, something achievable depending on your budget, that’s achievable. We made in-depth research on, and we are unhappy to tell you that we found a lot of dubious elements inside this page.


Is Cloud Trader Scam!?

No need to play around the main questions here should be is cloud trader scam and can this software really generate over $1k per day consistently!

Thing is that, there are few suspicious facts we would like to expose here;

  1. Matthew Shepherd the developer is completely unknown personality; he claims to be involved with financial world from over 4 years now generating staggering profits with Cloud Trader APP. Why there is no information of his success stories on any industry news sources? It seems very shady; we doubt every single claim he made now because he seems to be invented identity.
  2. Cloud Trader APP is operating from 2012, making its investors richer and wealthier by every day passed! That time sensitive statement can be confirmed really easy. That’s what we did, unfortunately the results are disturbing! According to the the domain is registered on 03.03.2016y., which automatically means that Matthew Shepherd is a liar!
  3. The website contains a lot of fake stuff! All the live verified members are fabricated! Facebook, Twitter everything is invented. Quick google search by image will reveal that those photos are involved with many other sites, clearly stock model pictures attached to names! If those are the verified investor results, we are just stunned! What comes to the total member profit so far in 2016? Cloud Trader App has generated over $120 million dollars for 15 days? Are you kidding me if this was real profit every single newspaper, blog, forum or any kind of news source will be announcing that software. In this case we have zero endorsement by the industry, in matter of fact you can check Google, we found few very nasty articles exposing this scam service!
  4. The video presentation and what we should look there! Matthew Shepherd gives no information about the software, that explanation about the Cloud Hosting is absurd! Simply you cannot expect that fraction of a second will determine the outcome of your trade because here we are speaking about binary options regular trading. There are a lot of elements involved, the broker lag of the platform, the volatility of the markets, the trade verification time most brokers set up in order to manipulate little bit your strike rate! Just everything combined is eating this fractions offered by the faster hosting service. I literally feel stupid to even consider discussing that but anyway!
    Moving to the video itself, the whole video contains a lot of testimonials, but no real once! All the real people involved are just paid actors from marketplace called The rest of the testimonials shown by the presenter are just demo accounts attached to stock photos! As we said it’s easy to confirm by image search via Google! However, we`ll give one example for those who are too lazy to check;]

You think Joshua Ross is really a bank worker form San Diego? Think again check the evidence!


Cloud Trader Scam Review! Final Words!

No need for further debunking! The software is absolute joke; the whole investigation couldn’t point one non-deceptive fact! Everything inside is one big lie! We haven’t seen so much misleading and over-promising statements in one service from long time! Cloud trader APP involves high risk and it’s not recommended for usage!

Review Verdict; Cloud Trader Scam Confirmed! Avoid, no need to waste time!

Also, Avoid The Cash Loophole!

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