Cobra5 Trading Software Review! Who are Wall Street Focus Group?

Cobra5 Trading Software Scam Review! Is it reliable Software?

Who are Wall Street Focus Group?

Binary Options HYPE! Honest review and the truths we discovered!

Official website is:

With Cobra5 Trading Software, made by Wall Street Focus Group, promises average users to earns between $386 and 791 Dollars per day in profits! This is very realistic profit income! If this software actually works! This promise is too good to be true.

cobra5 trading software

Who is David Lombardi?

He is claiming to be, head project manager for the Wall Street Focus Group. Quick search in Division of Corporations shows, that Wall Street Focus Group does not exist! All we manage to find about David Lombardi is all associate with this website! Therefore, we can’t trust him or his company!

How this Software Works?

Cobra5 Trading Software is Created to increase the overall index average, by generating more, consistent, winning trades. Actually, that is all they say about how this software works.

Disturbing things we found!

Team behind Cobra5! Nasdaq’s Top Leading analyst, and project manager of the Cobra5 Trading Software Jimmy Russo, the real financial guru on Wall Street! Extensive search shows that this person can’t be verified with anything, associating him to National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ), as this video presentation states. Therefore, it is a pretender! Actor hired for this Production! Wanted you to believe in this crappy Software!

Cobra5, trading robot is created by head financial programmers at the Nasdaq Stock Market Index, provided by a stock photo? This is clearly a SCAM!

Wall Street Focus Group

Present us with FAKE Testimonials, for their First Focus Group in the summer of 2016 for the Cobra5 Trading Software. How these testimonials can be genuine and they use this Software in the summer, several months before even domain for that system is register? Quick search in database shows that domain is registered on 18th November 2016. We can’t trust them! This is a SCAM!

Wall Street Focus Group

More alarming things discovered!

In Risk Disclaimer on their website states, that Wall Street Focus Group allows its users to trade in highly speculative investments, which involve a significant risk of loss. But in video demonstration shown to us, they say 84% wining trades! Well which is it? This is a total Deception!

Moreover, After the 90 days is up, you will be require to pay the flat monthly license fee of $997 dollars to continue using Cobra5 Trading Software. Furthermore, after the 90 days is over and If you’re making an average of $15,000 to $30,000 per month – you will be asked then for your credit card information to continue the use of the software (if you choose to do so). Therefore, you will get a demo version of this software with no real money income until these 90 days are over!

The whole purpose of this focus group is to NOT turn you into a customer, but to have you help them test the last version before the public release. Every member of the focus group, MUST provide daily feedback on their results of using the Cobra5 Trading Software…The whole point of bringing you in is so you can help them and not yourself!

What happens when you register on

When we put name and email in registration form, we are redirected to second video. After a bunch of crappy fake testimonials again, this pretender actually gets to the point. First, you need to fill out the forms, that you see on this page and create a password! Second, you will be redirected to one of the 10 brokers they have in rotation compatible with the Cobra5 Trading Software. These are trusted brokers verified by the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. We have serious doubts this brokers are legit, because we did not hear single name in this presentation and can’t verify them!

You will receive phone call from one of the specified brokers, who will ask you some questions and help you get started quickly and efficiently. You will need to deposit some money that you can start trading with, it does not have to be a large amount, but it should be between $250 and $500 dollars! How is this 100% FREE when you have to deposit money into a broker account? Now the real Scam BEGINS!


Once the 90 days is up and IF you’re banking OVER $15,000 per month in profits, then they will ask you to pay $997 dollars’/month license fee! Jimmy and his team from the Cobra5 Trading Software will be in touch after the 90 days is over to get you set up! If you choose to do so! From this we understand, that all is made for you to lose your money! You can’t expect to get OVER $15,000 dollars per month in profits with deposit just of $250 dollars. This is impossible!

Moreover, to get your investment and profits, you need to wait 90 days, and if you can’t make more than $15,000 dollars/month in profits for whatever reason, you can’t get any of this earn money! If you ever win, with this software! Furthermore, to get them you must pay $997 dollars’/month license fee! This is 100% SCAM!

Cobra5 Trading Software Scam Review – Conclusion!

Nothing inside is looking good! This Scam Cobra5 Trading Software does not deserve your time and it is clearly made to loot your hard earn money! The crooks behind scams just change the actors, the domains and some names and words here and there, promised fast rewards, almost do nothing except registration, you stay at home and money starts to come to you themselves. If this was true, we all will be millionaires. The real world doesn’t work like that. We simply cannot let you sign up and lose anything with that Scam Software!

Review Verdict: Cobra5 Trading Software is a 100% Confirmed Scam!! Be watchful and Avoid!

Binary Options Trading can be turned into very lucrative income. Unfortunately, emerging markets attract too many liars, impostors and fake software! Therefore, make sure to always rely on good reputed help-trading tools and brokers! Binary Options newcomers must always consider registrations with free demo accounts, until they are more confident to start with real accounts and money! We are trying to reveal all shady Scams, as soon as we can, so you folks can be warned in time.

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