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CodeFibo Scam Review!

Is this software worthy trying?

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The CodeFibo Software is fairly new binary options auto-trading and signal service. Allegedly the system will make sure that all its users will be well taking care of. The creator professor Matthew Lewis claims that his proven trading methods using the Fibonacci retracement in combination with investors sentiment will bring you consistent profits!

Clearly here we have something new and very interesting. Unlikely the typical money stealing schemes, where you are promised to become a millionaire overnight by exploiting some strange trading method or a secret!

We already examined the website and this review aims to provide some more transparent for our readers!

codefibo scam review the codefibo software

How the CodeFibot Software Works?

The presentation video does not provide us with detailed information regarding the Fibonacci arbitrage strategy they are using but that’s understandable. Because, typically the Fibonacci strategies are hard to squeeze and be explained in few minute video!

Officially the Fibonacci retracements and expansions strategies can be merged and used with all kinds of different indicators and strategies. The levels of Fibonacci indicator are used to forecast the future swings of the markets. Usually those levels are combined with price action techniques or support and resistance levels as trading triggers! For further information regarding the Fibonacci indicators, Click here!

In addition, to the amazing chart analysis we have a trader’s sentiment measurement algorithm. Essentially what this algorithm will do is pretty simple. It will gather data regarding the crowd behavior. Such information is always helpful, to determine several important aspects of current market conditions:

  • Market’s Direction!
  • Market’s swings strength, or potential continuation of the overall trend!
  • When will be appropriate to exit the markets or skip trading!

Features of the CodeFibot Software?

Since the service is designed for novice traders, don’t expect something very complicated or versatile from the settings!

The CodeFibo Software offers fully auto-trading mode, which can be used by everyone who has the skill to open his email and finish the registration process! Everything ends by clicking 4 buttons!

  1. Pick Trading Volume (starting from $25)!
  2. Select the signals probability rate!
  3. Choose how many trades you want to make per session!
  4. Start the Auto-Trader!

Basically that’s it, after you click the start button, the robot will execute according to the risk level you have chosen and stop again automatically.

codefibo scam review the codefibo software

The second feature offered by the trading platform is a simple Signal Service!

Do not let the word simple trick you thought, because you`ll need at least some trading knowledge to trade manually. It’s not something hard, but you have to have understanding over the charts and all the broker trading process. Usually, novice traders need around a week of experience to start understanding the trading procedures. Base on that, do not be in a hurry to use the signals, take your time!

Estimated Profits with the CodeFibo Software!

Currently the user who are using the service for the past one month are reporting success rate from 75% and going up to 90%. In genera, keeping such high accuracy for over a month now really speaks a lot about the system.

Note: the announced profits and accomplishments on the promotional page with the system are made based on $100 trading volume. Meaning that you have to lower the expectations little bit because usually you`ll start with $25.

Our Feedback!

We tested the system for about a week now, the auto-trading mode proven about 79% (90 trades 71 wins) accuracy.  And the signal service performed with 85% (20 trades 17 wins) in the money ratio!

codefibo scam review the codefibo software

Is CodeFibo System Well Endorsed?

For the past 2 – 3 days, we are researching the social media and all searching engines but we failed to find a negative review regarding this money making opportunity! That’s pretty good sign, usually even the legit trading tools are getting some negative review. Unlikely in this case we have a 100% endorsed auto-trading system! We also found this interesting Code Fibo Review!

In addition, we just want to mention that the testimonials of the CodeFibo Software look’s legit! All the people who appear and participate inside the video presentation seems honest, and they all claim realistic results, which are achievable with good a software.

Who are the people behind this software?

Officially presented by professor Matthew Lewis, and developed by appster’s team headed by Carl Leary, the system is everything a regular user demands. So far we don’t have any reason not to trust the presenter. Despite the fact that Mr. Lewis is unknown to the trading community, there is nothing suspicious here! However, we also must take in consideration the fact that Matthew, has no claims to be a big deal famous guru or billionaire. Coming up with a good idea and successfully creating it by using tech company sounds legit and honest to us!

The CodeFibo Software Review! Summary!

During our investigation we failed to find any risky or dubious content settled on the official page of the CodeFibo System! The presentation is short and straight to the point without any unnecessary fluff about how you will become millionaire tomorrow! Such approach is typical only for the lousy scams, and we are happy that the CodeFibo system’s presenter is staying away from such BS. Beyond any doubt is the most sophisticated and interesting trading solutions of 2016. We highly recommend this service as safe for registration!

Review Conclusion: CodeFibo Software is Good and Reliable Auto-Trading System!

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