Crunch Tech Software Review! Trusted or a LIE?

Crunch Tech Software Review! Scam or Reliable Auto-Trading System?

We are facing a new algo-trading machine called The Crunch Tech. There are many words spoken about this system, and we can call it the current hype for sure. Crunch Tech software has been released before 2 days and its already getting huge attention. Binary hype is here to put the honesty of this investment app to the test. Is this new art of technology really going to apply revolutionary changes onto our viewpoint of the online trading?  The two young talents Rick Paulson and David Avery have big expectations but can they prove it? Finally, we got ourselves into something interesting.

 the crunch tech software review

The software!

We admire the transparency provided by the presenters, while they speak of how this trading system operates. For what we understood this application uses combination of three-type trading systems.

  • An Technical chart algorithm! A simply cutting edge chart reader based on indicators. The indicators are not mentioned in the video but they are using mix of volume, trend following and some kind of trigger indicator such as stochastic. Usually most of the strategies are based on combinations between such type of indicators. Of course there are many variations but we get the overall picture here.
  • Fundamental algorithm! For those who does not know what fundamental means, its simple referral to news! The online markets are driven by the sentiment, which is driven by world wide events. Everything can move the markets from war in the middle east to elections in USA or crisis in Europe. The algorithms work here is to gather all available data up to the very second, process it and make an provide trading decision based on the information.
  • Climate forecasting contrivance! Actually combining weather predicting systems with online trading is not something new. The climate is proven to affect the markets strongly over the years. Based on good weather analysis many people are investing into commodities and assets direct correlating or anti-correlating with them. The point behind all this is to find emerging trends. For example if, its expected to be a harsh winter the OIL price will rise and the USD is supposed to weakens.  Of course, this is just illustration of perfect scenario. Nowadays weather forecasting algorithms are extremely precise. They are analyzing even the daily weather affect on the markets, making them practically benefiting from many assets!

short summary!

The sophisticated combination between those three systems and the consistently improving algo-trading machines. Is actually making The Crunch Tech extremely innovative and well updated trading robot. The current data shows that automated solutions are compactly  overrunning and changing the trading method all around the globe. Аnecdotal data shows that for every single single handed trade, there are close to thousand once executed by automated algorithmic solutions. So far we haven’t found anything disturbing or dubious. Seems like, we are satisfied with the explanations, all explained methods are proven legit and applicable onto the trading markets.

the crunch tech software review

The creators!

Officially there are two people shown as face model behind the Crunch Tech software.

  • Rick Paulson, the CEO of the Crunch Tech Software. Described as master brain behind this auto trader. He actually brought  this crunch theory idea to the table. Inspired by the corn flex brand Cpn. Crunch. All came from a financial tool called Future contract. Basically the contract allows particular organization to claim rights on goods at current price. As the example shows, the mentioned company purchased future contract for 1200t. corn at price $100/mt, after sometime the corn doubled in price reaching $200/mt. Eventually the company managed to gain huge profits. That’s how the crazy idea came at first place. Well, this is just an example of course there are many similar examples of people making money based on weather forecasting. The guy is completely unknown to us but, he is not a trader so, we can’t say anything here. We made research and we can confirm that he is not a famous paid actor.


  • David Avery the programmer. This individual is show to be the man who made all this possible. He is responsible for combining all the systems together and creating the user friendly interface for The Crunch Tech software. Well, the web-based platform is extremely easy to use and anybody can operate on it. For that we can give him credit, because we are sure that even 10 year kid can easily turn on the auto trading feature. Which, actually reminds us to warn you! You should be careful leaving the computer on, allowing easy access to other people. Because everything is made super easy, you can deposit, withdraw / trade with different amounts by few clicks. Our Researching the David’s identity also failed. Seems like, he is not a paid actor also, which might be a good sign actually. Usually, when we expose scams we easily find all the actors who participate.

The testimonials!

We checked the content exposed onto There are no fabricated testimonials, actually this gains positive credibility for the Crunch Tech software. Due to the high demand and competition, we have seen even legit systems to use paid testimonials at the start of their campaigns. Basically, what they are trying to do with that bogus trick is to create a positive environment around their systems in order to gain authority. Here we don’t have any inside testimonials from outside users displayed inside We kinda like this approach, because the creators are letting the community to say if, their system should be presented as trusted or not!

Outside endorsements are on extremely high level. Most of the industry blogs are endorsing this auto trader! In addition, we even came across some success stories of regular traders around the social medias.

The expectations!

The creators explain well that, you cannot expect to generate $4000 in profits if you start with initial capital of $250. We like how they bring immediate transparency of what you can expect from their trading system. Essentially, all potential profits are determined by many factors. What kind of investment per trade amount you use, how many sessions you execute per days, and of course what is your trading budget. Furthermore, we can say that there is nothing bogus here. There is a banner saying that the software is able to provide $89 per hour, this target is completely reachable.

Crunch Tech Software Review! Summary!

This auto trading solution might really turn to be something impressive. Our investigation review couldn’t dig out any bogus content or over-promising statements. The lack of suspicious content is really gaining lots of trust for this software. We can say that practicably there is very minor chance of this being a scam!  In addition, the transparency and the positive feedback are really building a good name for this software. Finally, seems like that our review is reaching its end! This is the time to say that we also, got the chance to test the system for few hours today. We took around 20 trades, losing only 4 of them. Of course dont let our staggering 80% accuracy result affect your decision making. But for us crunch tech software works properly and we will endorse it as reliable system.

Review Verdict: Crunch Tech Software is Trusted Binary Options Services!

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