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Epix Trader Review!

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Epix Trader is the first ever Free help-trading tool, which offers both trading instrument – Forex and Binary Options. The new venture is developed and presented by its owners; Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo. Main goal behind this investment application is to make the online markets more reachable for the normal day-trader.

The Epix Trader is a trading robot based on the scalping method. Within this review, we`ll explain how the service work and why it’s a must to have it if you are a beginner or intermediate level trader.

Epix Trader Scam Review – All you need to know!?

Now, before we move to the inside we want to share with you few interesting facts. Trading, the way we know it is changing rapidly. In nowadays most of the trading positions on the exchanges like Wall Street are executed by algo-trading software solutions. In short words via robots operated by super-computers. Therefore, those types of trading approach are becoming popular and everyone who is ahead of the curve will be harvesting the profits first. Therefore, having algo-trading platform in your hands is a must, simply because you need it to cover all market conditions.

Epix Trader is based on the scalping method motivated by a strategy commonly used by the famous investor George Soros. Scalping is a simple trading method, which relies on high volatile trading in exchange of lower accuracy. Every trade is between few seconds up to 10 minutes.

epix trader scam

How Epix Trader Works?

The algorithms behind this trading technology are not something simple, we have serious platform integrated with some extremely complicated analysis process. Every signal suggestion is passing 4 different filters, which are making sure that every trading setup is super accurate.

  1. Recognizing current trend direction using Moving Averages. MA’s are often used by traders to determine the current market direction for many years. In addition, we have volume measuring indicator, which tells the algorithm how strong the current trend is.
  2. In scalping or short-term trading entering the market with the best strike rate is very critical. That’s why second filter is searching for the best strike rate via simple support and resistance areas. Once the price consolidates or it is repelled several times on certain level the algorithm marks this spot as support or resistance depending where the current price is; above or below that level.
  3. Third stage is determining the oversold and overbought markets. At certain point, every market movement is exhausted. Knowing that can give us huge amount of information. We can determine if the trend is reversing if there is potential for another spike, etc. On simple English, the information can give us potential projection of the upcoming market movement.
  4. Last but not least, epix trader is synced with economic calendar making sure to avoid any trading during inappropriate time.

Methods used within Epix Traders are all legit and all trading technics are famous to the wide public for decades, we find nothing suspicious here!

epix trader scam

Who are the Creators?

Tina D’Angelo and Mark Evans are pretty much the perfect couple. A software programmer and market analyst. Together they have created the epix trader. There is not much information about those people on the WWW but they do not claim to be famous. On other hand their mentor George Soros is pretty famous figure.


The innovation?

In past 8 years’ day-trading was really divided on two. One part of the traders is strongly attached to the Forex instrument, because its older and more popular. On other hand, we have binary options, which was available before 2008 only to hedge funds and big financial institutions. After 2008, the wide public gained access to this amazing trading instrument and many day-traders switched from FX to Binary just because it is safer. Simply in binary you determine the risk before you open the trade.

Till now no one has offered platform, which offers automated Forex and Binary Options Trading on one place. Epix trader is here to change that, and it is an amazing innovation.

How Successful Epix Trader is?

The service is working around 78% accuracy and its fully automated. Usually we seek for higher accuracy but considering that this app is based on short-term trading the success rate is very high. That’s why the trading tool is very suitable for complete newbies and also for people who do not want to waste time in chart analysis. During the two-month beta, we have turned an account from $250 to $5000, on binary and another account from $500 to $6300 on Forex.

Is Epix Trader Free?

Currently the service is 100% free, with no strings attached due to the “Early bird scheme”, offered by the creators. First 200 users who register with this system will gain access to the both platforms for free! After all spots are filled the system will move to the “Success Fee” stage. All users who register after the early bird scheme will need to pay monthly subscription of $393. However, that fee will be due only if your profits are above that sum for the past month. Its little bit complicated but the creators are making sure that no one will pay for anything if he is not pleased by the performance.

Why Epix Trader APP is good software?

All brokers connected with this software are working with ECN STP Technology. Meaning that everyone is forced to make trading volume and win and trade again. Brokers will make money only if you trade regularly, win and trade again because they take their fee from the spread of every trade. In short words if the system is not good no broker will want to be connected with it. Simply the creators have no other way but to consistently update the system and make it better in every market condition!

What the industry says about Epix Trader?

Probably the most essential detail for every software reputation is the community opinion. Epix trader is 100% endorsed by the trading community. You can find only positive reviews and feedback on both social medias and search engines, which is extremely good indication. Basically it proves on 100% that the software is legit and working like presented!

Epix Trader Review – The Conclusion!

The platform is remarkably good. We have auto-trader for Forex and Semi-Automated Platform for Binary. Both systems are working super-easy and they are very good for novice traders! Moreover we have proof that the service is profitable since we have used the system for over a month now. For the period we have managed to make $4000 in profits with small investment of $250 dollars. On top of everything, the social media is full of success stories supporting the epix trader’s success.

Review Verdict: Epix Trader Is Profitable Auto-Trader! 100 % Scam-Free Trading Platform!

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