GPS Trader Scam Exposed

GPS Trader System Scam Review!!

Friends, read this article, the system is a fraud, we`ll explain why you should not invest here!!!

The GPS Trader software is Owned by Richard Heffner who claims that the GPS Trader system, has made 29 individuals millionaires in the past 3 months using this software. Further illegal claims are that the system has never lost a trade. The team at BinaryHype have uncovered the truth for this new viral automated trader software. It’s a cheap scam and is full of red flags and pressure tactic gimmicks that scream Illegitimate! It is obvious that there is no single system on earth that is infallible. Claiming that the GPS trader App is  100% accuracy is the biggest lie that can be made. There has never been a perfect robot, nor will there ever be. The binary options market is a volatile market and may be affected by catastrophe, important news, and diverse sentiments. If something irregular happens, it immediately affects market sentiment. A robot can never analyze market sentiment and this is where it goes wrong. Therefore his claim is pure lie.

GPS Trader Software

It is further exposed that Richard Heffner states that his GPS Trading App has make over 27 individuals millionaires in the last 3 months to date. unfortunately for him the which is the domain name of the so called scam GPS App was registered on the 26th of April 2016, making it almost a month old today. What happened to the remaining two months How can these people possibly have become millionaires from the software three months ago, when the site did not even exist yet? More scam lies. see the image below for proof of his domain name date registration I got from


GPS trader software

Richard Heffner further claims that his bank account is attracting the attention of the world, but when run a search on the Internet about him including the prestigious site LinkedIn and noting is being found about Richard Heffner listed anywhere. He has no presence in social media, and no photos can be found. His only connection is that to his own site, which is circumstantial evidence, seeing that whoever the real developer of this App is, planted the name there. This is a major concern for us! Using actors with fake identities is really not giving any legitimacy to this system!

Explanation on how The GPS Trader App is supposed to work!

The explanation concerning how the GPS Trader is meant to earn you your profits is a wild goose chase. They pull a fast one saying that satellites that work at the speed of 94/100th of a second can record the market movements. GPS Satellite Tracking Systems do exist and the fastest they can track information is about every 5 seconds and that is tied to tracking time and location information, not market swing movements.

The explanation given by The GPS Trader is unfounded. Markets move on demand and supply and has nothing to do with location information. Other hypothetical statements made by the software that GPS trader utilizes a new fail-safe mechanism to guarantee that it’s safe to use, is just a bunch of words meant to impress. At no point do we have any explanation on this empty promise. The claim about the usage of automatically fence trading strategy is completely absurd. There is no way an algorithm can decide for itself, which trade is going bad to save it by opening opposite trading position.

Fake GPS Trader Facebook Testimonials

Using social media widgets displaying fake Facebook user comments is not just scam, it’s a crime. They cannot use real feeds because the software is not legit and therefore the comments have to be manipulated. The links on the identity of the Facebook users is non-clickable and therefore it’s bogus. If you could click it, you would be directed to the real Facebook user and ask the testimonial a direct question on his earnings. GPS trader system cannot afford to let that happen, because it’s a scam. So instead they use fake Facebook Users.


Our investigation clearly pointed few very critical scam elements! The creators behind this service prefer to stay anonymous and they are using bunch of convincing marketing tricks to cover their tracks. Anyway that can’t be achieved anymore after this honest exposure review. For us, binary options service, which relies on fake identities and over-promising statements is no good!!! We believe that investing with GPS Trader APP will be disaster for you!

Review Verdict: GPS Trader Scam Confirmed! Avoid the fraud website!

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