Instant Cash App Scam Investigation

 Instant Cash APP Scam Investigation!

This exposure review will bring all the transparency needed! Make sure to read it before you make and investing decisions!

Instant Cash APP is new fully automated binary options. The service guarantees daily profits that starts from $2000 and go up to $4000 for particular countries. We investigated the website and the video presentation and we have found some disturbing facts. To be completely honest we plan to expose all the dubious elements but we will give this service a chance for few days before we come up with final verdict! The reason behind this is, because we have received few positive emails from people claiming to be making money with this software. As respect to our subscribers we won’t neglect their claims but we`ll give chance in order to gather more proof backing up Instant Cash APP or not of course!

Instant cash app scam

Is Instant Cash SCAM?

As we explained our investigation regarding leaded us to some very questionable elements. The alleged creator and CEO Mark Davis is also, the official promoter of this binary options software. He explained that Instant Cash APP accepts 50 members every year. Just to make you eager he stated that in 2014 the 50 spots where sold out in 26 mins and in 2015 just for 18 minutes. First it took us like 1 day to post this review and there are still available spots revealing this as pushing into registration trick. Second the search clearly shows that domain name has been registered on 16.02.2016, we don’t know how those other 100 people have been using this trading system before even exists! But let’s imagine that for every 50 people they create new sales pitch, sure, then why they are using stock photos?? At the end of the video they are showing us list of the previous 100 investors, they are all just stock models attached to names. Steve Sullivan – United Kingdom (Evidence 1), Tara Miller – USA (Evidence 2). Both of them from those 5 special countries, which are supposed to even make double income every day! USA, Australia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom. We believe that the people behind Instant Cash APP are just searching for targeted traffic, there is no other reasonable explanation. The thing with the double up profits has no real explanation what so ever.

Instant cash app scam review

Whose Mark Davis the founder of Instant Cash APP. No one knows him but he hasn’t described himself as well-known person so we won’t take any credibility here. There is one other thing that bugs us a lot. How and who developed and created the Instant Cash APP.

There is well explained story how Mark Davis developed the trading system long with classmate of his named Stefan. Where Stefan is displayed as “absolute IT genius”. Well he is also fake identity, we will review Evidence 3. In matter of fact we were really surprised to see him under the name of James Welch a data scientist from Instant Cash’s expert team. Actually since we are onto that we would like to expose the female next to James AKA Stefan – Erin Hamilton or their Senior Content Director, MIC (Evidence 4), just the next stock photo.


How Instant Cash APP works and how whole the magic happens. The algorithm is based on something unknown, well basically they involve time lags into this and Mark explained that they somehow have removed or decreased the time needed to execute trades up on the financial markets! Well this is impossible with such software so if, this trading system work properly it’s definitely based on something else and they real creators decided to hide it for some reason.

Instant Cash APP Scam Review! Finale!

As respect to those who claim to be making money we won’t mark this as fraud, but to be honest everything inside screams “SCAM”! The background story is complete joke, all the “trust wordy” testimonials are made by phony identities! The Instant Cash Team of developers is basically same story all fake! So if this binary options service really work we would like to see some real proof, from real day traders! We encourage everyone who have some kind of experience with Instant Cash APP to post a comment or just send us an email (Appreciated). We will delay the Review Verdict by one week, to give this service a chance, if it fails it will be market as fraud operation!

 Final Verdict: Will be delayed by 08.04.2016


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