Lie Detector Millionaire Scam Detected

Lie Detector Millionaire Scam Detected

True this honest review, we will reveal all the fake facts inside this software!

Lie Detector Millionaire is fairly new online money making opportunities! The service proposed by the alleged actor Daniel Wilkins is trading Binary Options. The software itself contains fully auto trading feature allowing you to take advantage of the financial markets while you are away from the computer. Everything sounds great at this point, but we spent time to watch the video presentation and long with that we made in-depth research of Things we found are quite disturbing and everything combined expose this new trading system as complete scam! Stay tuned and read this review to the very end!

lie detector millionaire review

Why Lie Detector Millionaire is a SCAM!

Besides the fact that this investment application has a ridiculous name we have a lot of red flags, which can support our claims of this being absolute scam! However, so far we have never came across a legit binary options service containing the word “millionaire” in its name!

The video promotion starts with something like a Lie Detector Test! Of course we can’t take this as a real test, first most of the questions are strange and second the company, which makes the test stays unrevealed. Obviously there is no trust wordy proof that can give credibility to this fake test!

Daniel Wilkins is displayed as a millionaire who has been into the business for a long time! Thing is that, Google search regarding this name does not show any posts associate with this name! The only posts that appear are clearly connected with So now we are wondering if, this man was real shouldn’t there be any other success stories of how he’s making 5 million every year trading binary options? Quite suspicious!! However, the funniest part in the video for us was the moment when he is leaving the house saying bye to his imaginary wife, but she never answered! Pure recording joke, very sloppy work, completely unaffordable with such high budget scam productions!!!

If, you think that’s all you are deeply mistaken, we are just started to debunk this crazy scam called Lie Detector Millionaire! Mr. Daniel Wilkins has no shame at all he claims that this very software has 100% success rate for the last few months! Absurd and very misleading statement; such accuracy does not exist!!! Yes of course if you are consistent and good trader you can have few 100% sessions during the month but overall we are looking the ITM rate averagely! Just for example we`ll say that a very decent service can produce around 75% success rate per month, which is considered as very high!!

During the sales pitch video, we are observing some strange variant of live trading. Completely opposite, Wilkins is showing us brand new account created especially for the promotion, but we don’t see any live trading! After one hour he just show us how from initial deposit of $250 he managed to make 16 consecutive winning trades raising this account to little above $12,000! Don’t be fooled this is just a manipulated demo account, the shady developers behind Lie Detector Millionaire assure the rest of the “live” trading results. With binary options the average return rate is 75% meaning that you have to trade a lot more than 16 trades to reach such profits!

What else we can add to our Lie Detector Millionaire Review?!

Looking at the official website, we can notice some fake endorsement badges; unclick able and clearly fabricated! Further down we have some photos of members who are claiming to be making money with this trading system! Nope, those people are just stock photos stolen from the web and attached to some names. Quick google search by image can reveal that those people are not related with in any way! The invented personalities are just there to give some authority to this software but do they succeed? We don’t think so, in our opinion, phony content can only harm the credibility of the service!

Does this software have any kind of social media support?

No, the trading community is completely denying this investment application! With the amount of the people getting scammed, the amount of the negative reviews is just raising!!


Obviously the creators of Lie Detector Millionaire are not completely honest with us! The amount of the over-promising and misleading statements inside is really high! The scam is created carefully and its really high budget production, as you can see the rented car the rented house and everything! Unfortunately, this is just the next fraud operation, which draws more attention than needed! BinaryHype is completely sure that investing with this software will not end good for your pocket!

Final Verdict: Lie Detector Millionaire Scam Confirmed! Important Warning; Avoid!

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