Navstar Trader Is a SCAM! Software Review!

NAVSTAR Trader Honest Scam Review!
Today we are reviling the truth behind Navstar Trader!

We were stunned from the new Navstar Trader Software with founder and CEO Ethan Harrington. Who claims that to make millions is easy as making a morning eggs. At least that is the context that we understood from the video on Needless to say that we were really moved from his words and we took few minutes to watch the video and to research if his words are true or not. Would be lie if, we do not say that words like this are little bit strong and probably insane. From long time now we are seeing a lot of money stealing schemes on the financial niche, and we have the doubts that Navstar Trader is just the next one.

Navstar trader software

Why Navstar Trader is not the money making opportunity we want it to be:
Ethan Harrington the founder and CEO of Navstar Trader Software made some strong claims for his auto trading application. He told us that for just 24 hours we can earn with Navstar Trader Software the impressive $22 005, that is a strong statement. Profits like that are never seen before in the history of auto trading application, especially with $350 initial capital. But let us be accurate and to say $900 per hour, for people like us with little bit knowledge in the financial field that sounds ridiculous. It is simple to make claims like that, but it is another story to back them with evidence.
As we are mentioning evidence, we can observe some in the video, for example:  Steve McMohon who earned for just 26 hours $22 114, Paul Brown who made $22 358.27 again for 26 hours and so on and so on. We’ve checked in the web for these people and needless to say that there was no trace of them, or of their success. For ordinary person who makes, money like that for a year probably should be right to write few good words for that auto trading software, don’t you think? On the contrary, after searching the web for some positive reviews the only thing that we found were a lot of negative ones. That is one more clue of the fakeness of that auto trading software.
But enough with dubious statements and “positive” reviews. Let us turn around and behold the next claim of making 10 people millionaires for the previous two mouths. Sounds really nice if that was actually true! A lot of things can go wrong if someone is lying so rudely. To check if these claims are true we’ve checked in the domain name of and the results were just beautiful, the web page was found on 04.06.2016, so how the hell he made someone millionaire with non-working platform? We can tell you how, with imagination. And that is something that Mr. Harringthon has abound of. Probably he should be a fairy tale writer. Yes, with writing fairy tales a man can make millions, that is something that we all can agree on.
As we are mentioning Ethan Harringthon so often, it would be fair to tell some “good” words for him and his experience in the Binary Options Trading field. Sadly, there were no evidence anywhere on the web of previous conquests of Mr. Harringthon on the Binary Options Trading markets. So how could character with no experience and clue of trading with Binary Options can convince us otherwise? Probably with the explanation how his auto trading algorithm have 100% success rate?

The secret behind Navstar Trading System:

We are told that the success behind that auto trader software is granular data and the usage of GPS satellite connections to get trading with 94 to 100ths of a second faster than the exchanges. First of all, no one is faster than the exchange, because there is always lag from the brokers. All the technical explanations have no meaning in the Binary Options Trading field. Binary Options trading is made from people who are analyzing the markets with days, weeks and mouths, not with technology.  The explanations given by the presenter cannot be applied onto binary options trading. Guys here we have another fraud claim for fast software like most of the scam auto trading applications of the financial niche. Nothing new under the sun! Actually we heard same bizarre nonsense in other viral scam called GPS trader. In matter of a fact the both frauds are pretty similar, probably the same shady people are behind both of them!

Is the Navstar Trading Software the real deal or not? Final words: Navstar Tader is a SCAM!

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Putting it with simple words, with no shadow of a doubt we are convinced 100% that Navstar Trading Software is a scam.  Scam with one target, our pockets. Aiming to steal money as fast as the claims for fast data processing. Our advice is to stay away from that fraud auto trading application and by all means do not invest even a penny in it.
Our team is advising every new comer who want to make some extra money from binary options trading to register at first with demo account to know better how the field is operating and just then to invest in real trading software with real people behind it, with positive reviews and with long experience in that niche. Excellent example is Neo2 Software, who is proven to be the real deal these days. Not because they made people millionaires for a night, but because they are earning money step by step, day by day, slow but sure.
Feel free to contact us at any time for further questions. Our team is 24/7 on watch for suspicious auto trading solutions. Subscribe to our blog in other to stay updated with the new fraud systems on the financial market.

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