NEO2 Trading Software Review

Neo2 Trading Software Review

Can really predicting weather make us money?

Are we looking at Legit Binary Options Service?

Why all the Hype? NEO2.CO!

Neo2 Trading Software is officially presented by few very interesting personalities. Basically we have the elite of the trading industry behind this. The Neo2 APP uses two algorithms merged together in order to execute profitable trades on complete autopilot! The goals behind this service are set to the highest standards. We don’t have unrealistic claims or any kind of gimmick stuff on but the expectations are fairly high. Can they do it? is here to investigate this new binary options service.

 Neo2 Software Review! The official developers of Neo2 Trading Software!

NEO2 Trading Software neo2 review

CEO and Founder – Dr. Jack Priers, PhD! Since early age he is obsessed with weather forecasting, specifically Solar Lunar Activity. He finds out that knowing how Solar eruptions can affect the weather! He can predict potential economy changes weeks ahead. Knowing such information in advance gave him the golden opportunity. To predict the future price changes in commodities! Such as; Gold, Silver, Wheat, Oil, Gas, Sugar and more. He started to develop the Neo2 Auto-Trader APP but there was one problem! He is a weather forecaster not a programmer or trading specialist. Searching for done algorithm to buy, he met Michael Freeman!

Michael Freeman is the most recognizable figure in binary options industry. A true trading guru, financial analyst and software developer. Michael Freeman owns trading Facebook group with over 6000 members! The Signals posted in this group by the admins are confirmed by third party verification! To have around 80% success rate for over one year now! Consistently with not a single losing month! He also, owns the biggest trading YouTube channel! We are speaking for living trading legend and investor. He has the power, the knowledge and the data base to help Jack. Immediately after they met, they realized that they have something unique in their hands.

The combination of those two sophisticated minds is really something unseen so far. Jack’s Solar Tracking Algorithm and the Mike’s Auto Trading Algorithm provides us with unique trading method. Giving regular day traders chance to really beat the markets! Weather prediction is considered as core factor when it comes to emerging trends. Neo2 Trading Software gives us stable prediction of the commodities market swings weeks in advance. Maybe that’s why Michael Freeman suggested! That this trading tool is compared to having inside information. The weather influence to the commodities and certain currency pairs is undeniable. We have many success stories of traders who made fortune by successfully predicting the weather.

Neo2 trading software, is almost ready. The only missing part now was the face! That’s when Amit Gupta came in hand. The Neo2 Software lead programmer, considered as Silicon Valley protégé! He had a simple task, which turned to be the hardest programming project of his life. According to Amit’s words. The goal was to produce a user friendly 3 click trading platform. That will be easy to use by non-experienced and experienced investors. Eventually after few months of developing, he managed to combine the two algorithms providing something unseen so far. Description of the trading platform: “Anyone above 18+ years who can open his email, can use the Neo2 Auto-Trader APP”.

How The Neo2 APP works?

  • Activate the solar tracker matrix! By clicking the Neo Sync Plug.
  • Activate the Auto-Trading Algorithm! Click the Trade Algo Button!
  • After you see the both yellow lights! Press the big Start Button.

Register For Free at: NEO2.CO

Simple is that you now have activated the Neo2 Auto Trading Feature. Everything else will be made automatically by the software. Your presence on the device you are using is not required.

What everyone else say about Neo2 Auto-Trader APP?

During the initial test period Neo2 Trader Software proven up to 85% success rate. Confirmed by William Van Loon, Chief Financial Officer! Michael Freeman and his Facebook Group, which gives this trading system extremely high authority!

The binary options industry gave extremely high value of The Neo2 Trading Software. We made extended in-depth social media research. There results were pretty amazing! The whole financial industry has endorsed The Neo2 Auto-Trader APP. No exception, all the news portals, forums and reputed blogs including BinaryOptionsSpot. Are giving this service 10/10. The web is full of easy to access success stories from day traders. Also, giving more credibility to Neo2 Auto-Trader APP.

Real Endorsements:

NEO2 Trading Software Neo2 review

The estimated profits are proven on weekly basis! They are starting from $1500 and they are going up to $7000 depending on your initial investment. The $8000 was achieved with initial deposit of $1000 and the $1500 was reached starting from $250. If you decide to try this trading system, always start with the minimum deposit.

Is Neo2 Auto-Trader APP Free?

Yes, currently William Van Loon and Michael Freeman are coordinating the first public Free Focus Trading Group! There was no official announcement made of how long this Free Focus Group will last. But after it finishes the software will be released on and the annual price will be $7,900. Which by the way is not so high, compare to the opportunity provides. Anyway, we don’t come across any pushing into registration tactics inside!


For first time struck on such promising binary options service. There are few very convincing key aspects involved.

  1. No lies, false credentials or unrealistic promises!
  2. No Fake actors of fabricated identities involved!
  3. Michael Freeman involved, giving exclusive authority!
  4. Verified 85% ITM, trading results confirmed by third party authority!
  5. Free for registration and Scam-Free website!

At this point we can confirm that Neo2 Trading Software is really worth trying. Actually this is the first binary options trading service to be endorsed by binaryhype!

Review Verdict: Neo2 Trading Software is Legit trading service. is safe and Scam Free!

Sign Up for Free exclusively on!

 neo2 trading software neo2 review

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