Pearson Profits Scam Confirmed

 Pearson Profits Scam Investigation!

We found some dubious elements inside this software please read this review!

Pearson Profits Scam Or Legit Trading Software?

Pearson Profits is some kind of signal service, which targets 60 seconds trading. Thing is that 60 second trading is very sensitive and technically if the signals are correct you can still lose money! Just imagine daily volatile markets and all the movements, you receive signal from the Pearson profits app you need to open your broker find the asset open the trade, confirm the trade. Eventually those actions will take 3 – 5 seconds at minimum, those seconds can be decisive for the outcome of the trade, we believe that 60 seconds are more like gambling instead of trading, we won’t deny the fast trading methods but we believe that thy can be traded accurately only from good advanced traders or very sharp and fast algo-trading systems! Unfortunately, this is not the only concern we have regarding The Pearson Profits!


Pearson Profits Scam Review

Is Pearson Profits Scam?

The presenter of Pearson Profits didn’t reveal his identity, very suspicious red flag! That fact does not stopped the anonymous guy to make tens of strange over-promising and misleading promises! First he promises live results and trading session, eventually he gives the word to some guy named Chris Green presented as technical director, completely unknown and hidden behind voice over acting. So this day trader was supposed to in light us of how Pearson Profits Software works. Overall after few words he made 1 single GOLD trade which he even didn’t let to complete but he cut the video and showed us the end result, which was a win! Made like that trade can be fabricated with no problem, and besides that 1 trade is nothing even close to trading session. During that fabricated “live trading session” we managed to reveal the broker they use, its Interactive Option! A really bad reputed broker, who was recently fined by CySEC and revealed from many reputed broker as fraud operation! We are not aware of the current status of interactive but we are hearing a lot of bad words regarding their case, definitely not a broker you want to be involved with! The voice over narrator also mentioned that Pearson Profits APP is capable of producing 96% success rate. Such accuracy is nearly impossible to reach consistently, don’t be fooled! The average accuracy of the wall street professional traders is around 80%!  The alleged people claim that this software is using the Pearson Method, we made small investigation and we find out very interesting fact regarding this service. A similar looking service called The Pearson Method was proven as viral dangerous scam and it was released September 2015! The connection is undeniable it appears that the criminals behind this just changed the video and the name of the software but it’s completely the same scam!

If you are not convinced, we will add some more evidence! We just want to move you onto the second page of There you can notice few live testimonials from people claiming that Pearson Profits APP has changed their lives and so on. Well the people you see there are just paid actors from online marketplace website called! If you have time visit the site, write word “testimonials” in the search box and after 5 minutes you’ll get all the answers you need! Further below you can notice some more happy investors, but don’t be fooled those photos are just stolen from the web! Make quick Google search by image and you`ll find the whole truth!

By the end of the video we heard something we strongly dislike, the fact that this Pearson Profits is a scam, okay but the presenter keeps pushing he gets really aggressive. Using the normal methods is not enough for him, he starts to convince you in taking bonuses, which can be very dangerous action. The brokerages don’t like give money for free, no one will double your account just like that. Every account who accepts the bonus terms and conditions will receive certain restrictions. In simple words, if you take bonus you`ll not be able to withdraw your funds till you reach certain trading volume! With brokers like Interactive Option reaching the target will be impossible! Be extremely careful with those too lucrative bonus offers!


Pearson Profits Scam CONFIRMED! We think that this service contains huge amount of bogus facts. The strange presentation and association with previously released scam, the phony testimonials and all those bizarre claims, everything screams RED FLAG!

Review Verdict: Pearson Profits Scam Alert Aka Pearson Method!! Be sure to avoid!

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