Referral Project Scam Review

The Referral Project Is Scam!

This review will bring clear explanations why we should not trust!

The Referral Project is fully automated binary options software.  Brought to us by Evan Baker or at least that’s the information exposed onto the official page. Thing is that the actual site has very high amount of doubtful elements. This in-depth review will explain all our concerns!

referrral project scam

Is Referral Project Scam?

The main page of contains only one presentation video, we watched the video. There are few things really worth mentioning. First, we are dealing with voice over actor, claims to be Evan Baker. We made quick research regarding this identity, google shows posts only related to this very software. When we add the fact that we don’t see the actual man, we can conclude that this is invented personality.  So, his claims about 100% daily success won’t mean a lot!

The video starts with some push into registration trick coming from the Old Book. “Imagine what your life would be if you are making $1000 to $10000 per day”. Immediately after that they show us pictures of expensive cars, exotic locations and fancy mansions. Those are probably the lamest marketing tricks you`ll notice in such scam video. If this was really a legit trading system, the creators will spend time to give explanations about their software, not to showoff and sell dreams.

Claims about how this auto trading software is used for over 2 years now to generate daily income. How is that even possible, because the domain Is registered and up from 06.04.2016!!!

referrral project scam review

Regarding the background story, there is absolutely no intelligent information given about this system! All we get is some nonsense explanation about some crazy Pyramid commission that makes no sense. Overall the referral project is not working with one but many shady brokers, not like explained inside the video, that its working only with one broker.

False credentials containment! We noticed few stock photos including the imaginary friend of Evan Barker, Kevin – he is just a stock photo! Also, the broker account we saw are fabricated, using demo accounts. Such snap shots can be bought on for $5.

Moving onto second page, which buy the way is the more interesting one because there we have some more details not just a video. Starting with fake count down timer, pushing you to fill out you details, but don’t worry it’s just going to restart after it finishes! Next we have 4 phony endorsement badges, one of them says “vote best for 2015”. Supercool but we already know that this trading software was not yet available in 2015. However, all the badges are not clickable and obviously they don’t mean anything.

Scrolling further down we see some kind of world map with some photos of the referral project members. They all seem to be profiting, using this auto trading software. But simple google search by image will debunk them as more stock photos. Definitely this service wont gain credibility from them!

Next to the so called happy investor we meet the trading history. Containing 130 pages of fabricated trading results, first once start from 30.03.2016, a week before this software ever existed. In addition, there is no third party verification of those results, so no one can proof them as real!

The referral project is some kind of strange pyramid scheme! Nothing inside appears to be real! We have all the evidence we need to call this a SCAM! Investing with this bogus software will be disasters for your pocket, no doubts! We strongly advise you to stay far away from this service!

Review Verdict: The Referral Project is SCAM! Don’t touch this fraud system!

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