Social Tech Trader Scam Warning

 Social Tech Trader Scam Warning

We believe that this highly advertised binary options service is just another trickery.

Social Tech Trader is one of the most viral services on the market during the early 2016. The software is based on some kind of social media data analyzing algorithm. According to Albert the so-called presenter of this trading system claims few interesting things we would like to discuss! On the other had we also, investigated the website for potential deceptive content and we promise that you`ll be surprised after you read this exposure review.


Social Tech Trader Scam Review

Visiting the page of Social Tech Trader few things might catch your eye. The $920 per day statement, the Fox Business announcement “the most advanced profit making software of our time” and the live trading track history account showing that a starting deposit of $500 has raised over $800,000 in profits for very short period of time. We plan to discuss those topics and few others in order to get the full picture behind this software.

Actually it’s possible to generate daily income of around $1000, but keep in mind that you`ll need proper budged! Trading with $25 per trade cannot generate such income for one day. The average return in binary options is 75% you alone can calculate how many wining trades you`ll need to reach that sum. The thing we don’t like is the follow up claim “920 a day, 365 days a year”. Well you need to exclude the weekends Albert because there are is no online markets trading during the weekends. Every average educated person knows that, and such allegations sound stupid and unprofessional, clearly made by man who does not know how the financial world operates.

Regarding the main endorsement statement from Fox Business, well we made simple research and we couldn’t find such statement inside the official website of Fox; It seems to be phony assertion.


The trading positions history seems very unrealistic to us. Initial investment of $500 managing to reach nearly $835k for one month! If, this was a real track record, it would be definitely announced on many financial news portals, as staggering achievement. In this case there is not a single trustworthy news releases associate with Social Tech Trader that can verify those results. They seem fabricated and as there is no proof of their legitimacy we admit that they are not real!

Further down on you can find some people testifying that Social Tech Trader is capable of producing good results. We would believe if, it was an honest testimonial but in this case, we are dealing with few stock photos attached to stolen identities. A Google search by image can verify our words.

Now, let’s move and debunk the video presentation, which actually is the main source of information. We have a suspicious actor in cheap suit presenting himself for Albert a former employee of famous European Bank. We cannot make research regarding that name because the information is too non-concrete. For us he stays just an actor reading previously written script. During the video presentation the narrator constantly shows us false credentials, a fabricated account screenshots attached with photos of the eventual owners of those accounts. We made very deep and extended research in order to confirm if, those screenshots are real. It appears that thy are all manipulated and the pointed persons are just more stock photos, check our snap shot below we also have placed link inside leading to some interesting content describing everything!


Next interesting claim we want to debunk: “5400 members has generated huge profits with Social Tech Trader for the past year”. Okay, we are very happy for those people if that’s true, and we will apologize for the negative review if, someone show us real results because we simply can’t believe in empty words. The domain name has been registered on 03.02.2016, those investors should have been using different software past this last year? We doubt that, as we said it’s just empty words.

Are there any real endorsements regarding Social Tech Trader, besides the fake CNBC Bloomberg Business, CNN and Fox Business? We noticed that immediately after service launch, some reputed industry blog portals have pointed this software as promising one and they recommend it for testing. Unfortunately, after few weeks it turned out that they have recommended bad trading system, we hope that they are sorry for misleading their trusted subscribers. We won’t share names, because we don’t want to ruin the reputation of other blog owners or to confuse their opinion.

Overall, after we watched the video presentation twice we couldn’t quite understand what exactly is Social Tech Trader, or on what algorithms and strategies is based on. How exactly it’s executing the potential trades or on what indicators is based. The only info we extracted is about how this software is scanning social media content in order to find high probability trades, well that’s not enough of explanation, in matter of fact is no explanation at all. The anonymous creators just throw dust in our eyes.

After you sign with Social Tech Trader “you`ll be able to receive everyday guidance from their tech team”? We have tried to contact the for proper explanation. We asked if, they are talking about the broker account managers as their “tech team” but we did not receive an explanation answer. Decide yourself if, you`ll receive any proper advice from their “magic financial team”.

Is Social Tech Trader Scam?

After everything displayed above we strongly believe that this software is pure fraud. There is too much misleading content on supported by phony identities and manipulated documents. The final decision always stays yours but we think that investing with Social Tech Trader hides high risk and we don’t recommend such move. We speak about your hard earned money here, be careful and pick wise choices.

 Verdict: Social Tech Trader Scam Warning Confirmed! Avoid this software at any cost!

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Safer Alternative is Copy Buffett, we don’t have review on the subject but you can check this one!

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