Swarm Intelligence Review – First Ever SCAM-FREE SOFTWARE!

Swarm Intelligence Review! Is it a SCAM?


With this in-depth analysis review we`ll be answering this important question!

Why everybody call this “the most advanced trading technology”? Keywords are “Innovation and Efficiency”!

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The Swarm Intelligence is a brand-new auto-trading service, which uses the binary options investing tool. According to the presenters we are watching at the most advanced software within the modern world. Binary Hype is here to check and confirm if, we can trust this trading system and the most important if, its profitable!

We are not going to fluff but go straight to the point. The service had long beta testing period, in which we took part. During that period, we experienced exactly 83% accuracy, just as the creators announced. Good thing is that the APP is suitable for all time frames and you can turn it on and leave it even during the Asian session. We were amazed because even true the slow Asian session the system still performed good. Overall we executed exactly 107 trades, 89 winners with 18 loses!

the swarm intelligence software

How the idea emerged?

Originally the idea come from Superfecta – combination of several minds equals better decision making. It’s already proven that think-tanks or working on packs provides better results than the individual once. You can find more about the Superfecta here.

Swarm Intelligence Review – People Involved?

The official presenters and main creators of this software are actually two. Dr. Steven Francis – the brain and Thomas Porter – the programmer.

Steven Francis has PhD. In animal behavior and basically that’s where actually everything started. He tested and found out that animal-decision making is always in favor of the hive / group. After several successful sport and entertaining projects. He decided to implement that whole idea into online trading.

Thomas Porter is the guy who made all Steven’s idea possible. He managed to emerge all the strategies, analysis and process together, and giving this software a face.

But enough with the background, let’s move to the exciting and in the same time serious part.

What is Swarm Intelligence?

The primal idea is real! According to Wikipedia: “Swarm intelligence (SI) is the collective behavior of decentralized, self-organized systems, natural or artificial. The concept is employed in work on artificial intelligence. The expression was introduced by Gerardo Beni and Jing Wang in 1989, in the context of cellular robotic systems.”

We have real idea behind the software unlikely the super-fiction BS we are used to see in the regular scams!

What separates this software from the competition?

The word you are looking for is “innovation”. The guys have done amazing job, the concept the way this service performs, looks and works, everything is based on innovations.

How the software works?

Actually we talk about not one but ten different software-solutions based on completely different strategies mixed into one massive machine. Basically, the goal of the developers here is to add more strategies more rules and more conditions, which must be met before the signal is taken. We all know that more conditions means higher probability, which instantly transforms into higher success rate.

Every single strategy is developed and integrated into a separated server, the algorithms can work solo or in combination with the other 9. All 10 servers are linked to one supercomputer, which reduces the time of reaction and basically the system ignores the latency and provides its users with instant signals! The investors are even able to choose how many computers / strategies to use. Of course reducing the swarm level will be in exchange of the signal-accuracy. Moreover, we even take a glimpse of those servers as the creators record part of the presentation video into their facility!

the swarm intelligence review, swarm-intelligence.co

What kind of strategies we talk about?

The analysis process is extremely sophisticated and its divided on three main approaches: Mechanical, Chart and Fundamental.

Mechanical is based on validated parameters and ratified in comprehensive back testing of historical market data. We all know that the past repeats, the robot aims to find similar pattern formations in order to take advantage of the possible outcome.

Chart Analysis – actually here is the point where those 10 computers connected to the supercomputer get involved. Using various strategies from support / resistance levels to Fibonacci entrancements long with high amount of technical indicators. Such as; Moving Averages (trend following), oscillators (MACD, Stochastics, Relative Strength Index, Commodity Channel Index), Volume (Accumulation/Distribution) etc. These are just small part of the technical analysis this trading platform uses.

Fundamentals – we all know that actually the news are driving the online makers. And in nowadays no auto-trading can be successful without implementing some fundamental analysis. Of course those type of analysis often are based on outdated data but, its proven that they help and they improve the overall in the money ratio.

Practically everything is one big innovation and we have never seen something like this so far. But the biggest surprise was that those guys are taking things even more serious and bring this platform to even higher level.

After the analysis are done and the potential setup is found the algorithms waits for the price to reach its optimal price level and executes it with best possible strike rate in coordination with your brokerage.

No wonder why Dr. Steven and Thomas are calling their venture “the current most advance auto-trading software”!

the swarm intelligence review, swarm-intelligence.co

Endorsements and Testimonials.

The Swarm Intelligence Software does not need any introduction basically. The whole industry is endorsing this trading platform on 200%. Currently this is the most trusted auto-trading provider and the decision is unanimous!

Every good service needs some form of testimonials, in order to gain positive reputation. Now, what separates the fraud operations from the honest services? The bogus systems always use fake testimonials coming from fake identities. The real APP’s who provide good results rely on real-day trader feedback. In this case the social media is full of positive opinions in support of the swarm-intelligence.co. Therefore, that fact provide us with solid anti-scam insurance!

the swarm intelligence software, swarm-intelligence.co

The Swarm Intelligence Review – Conclusion!

Beyond any doubt we are looking at good investing opportunity. Within the borders of swarm-intelligence.co we couldest find any deceptive content. No over-promising statements, no fake identities, no becoming into millionaire BS! Everything is legit and the trading service is providing amazing results. The whole trading community is supporting this service, including us! You know that we are probably the most skeptical BLOG within the binary options field. We never endorse anything and this is actually the first ever auto-trading system, which we will approve and recommend! Therefore, the reason for that is because we tested the service and we achieved good results!

Review Verdict: Swarm Intelligence Software is Profitable Auto-Trading System! We Strongly Advice you To Sign Up An Account with this Service Before they Close the Free Registration!

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the swarm intelligence review, swarm-intelligence.co

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