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The Tesler Trading Software Review! Is it reliable Software?

Binary Options HYPE! Honest review and the truths we discovered!

Official website is: teslerapp.co

The Tesler Trading Software earn up to $237 per hour, generates $5000 per day per user, over $1,000,000 dollars over 6 months, promise to make you fast income with high-win rate! And this Tesler Trading System is offered for 100% FREE! You can just sit back and relax, this software does it all for you on autopilot! This sounds too good to be true and we decide to investigate further!

Tesler Trading Software

Who is Steven Abrahams?

Is CEO of Tesler Investments. Tesler investments is his own company, by his own admission in this video presentation, manages to grew it from nothing to a current value of $673 million US dollars. We did extensive search, and all we manage to find about him, is associate with teslerapp.co. We could not manage to confirm any of his claims related with Global Business News productions. Moreover, he claims his nickname on Wall Street is “Mr. Midas”.  Such claim we saw in another proved scam by another paid actor in Zeus2 SCAM! Search in Division of Corporations shows, that Tesler Investments does not exist! Therefore, we cannot trust this guy or his company!

How this Tesler Trading Software Works?

Lead Patterns with no risk involvement, mathematically impossible to lose money! this level of safety can only be achieved by analyzing data at the deepest level and the fastest possible time. Hyper responsive data speed and analysis of 3 million market variables. That’s what gives the Tesler Trading System its leading edge!

Disturbing things found!

Matt’s fast track to $1 million dollars is very similar to Helen Daniels from Zeus2! Same platform different name and company for reference you can see our previous review about Zeus2 here! We find too much in common between this video presentation and other video from Zeus2! Maybe this SCAM is made by the same people who made Zeus2 with different spokesperson! This is a red flag for SCAM!

Tesler Trading System

You can withdraw your profits as often as you want and with 1 minute of the profits being made. Withdrawing profits instantly and anytime you want them! This statement is a bogus lie! To withdraw your money from average brokers account into your bank account takes time, normally around 2-3 business days! Withdrawals are not instant!

Fake video testimonial! This guy claims to be missionary currently station in Somalia. He joins the Tesler Trading System to hopefully making money to build a new hospital there. And after 30 days, he claims to make total of $45267.61 dollars from this software! This statement must be false, because quick search in who.is database shows, that domain teslerapp.co, which supports Tesler Trading Software is form 14th December 2016. Clearly we don’t have 30 days’ period here! Therefore, this is a SCAM!

Tesler Trading Software

More Alarming things!

Evidence shown to us about the payment to “4 ADVANCED LLC” the primary software developers contract to create and manage Tesler App. That’s payment is from a few weeks ago and is one payment of many, but in fact this payment is fake! Search in Divisions of Corporatons shows, that 4 ADVANCED LLC is not existing company! Therefore, this software is a SCAM!

Tesler Trading Software

By using the latest cutting-edge satellite technology, Tesler App enables YOU to start making life changing amounts of money on complete auto pilot. This technology is constantly monitoring the world’s financial markets, 24/7 using satellites in order to speed up the transfer of trading data by 94/100ths of a second. This allows normal people to receive an automated cut of the 5 trillion dollars that are traded every single day! And his is a bogus LIE! From monitoring financial markets, you can’t receive automated cut of the trades! This is outrageous claim and a clear SCAM!

On teslerapp.co website we found fabricated members! These members are made by a stock photo, stuck with flag for some country and fake profits! Another evidence for SCAM!

Tesler Trading Software

The Tesler App is set to trade only with amount up to $85 US dollars per trade. And to trade maximum of 12 times per hour, because Tesler App only lose on average 1 trade in every 98 trades this is 97% success rate. Your money is never ever at risk! There is no software that can guarantee high-win rate like this. Moreover, if your account is under $5,700.00 dollars at the end of the trading day when you using Tesler App, they will MAKE UP THE DIFFERENCE FOR YOU!!! Furthermore, these $5,700.00 dollars are TAX FREE! This is pure SCAM!

What happens when you register on teslerapp.co website?

Registering on teslerapp.co website, with name and email, takes us to second video on member’s area! First of all, in previous video presentation was claiming, that after registration on teslerapp.co website you will able to download Tesler App! And now in this video demonstration says they will prepare this Software for you and you can access it on very next page ready to start profiting! You need to fill up this form too with name, email address, cell phone and a password for Tesler App. When you are finish, their team will configure automatically for you trading account. Until now all was FREE but now you need to fund this new account with minimum of $250 dollars, before you can start making any money. This is where the SCAM begins! This is the payment you need to make to their personal broker!

Live video demonstration on Tesler App in action is a fake! With initial deposit of $250 dollars and one winning trade you can’t make $508.88 dollars in balance. This is $258.88 in profits! Even if you are able to trade with all your money in balance you don’t have return rate like this!!! Normally, return rates are around 70-80% and depends on your broker fee! And this is over 100%!!! Clear proof for SCAM!

Tesler Trading Software Scam Review – Conclusion!

Nothing inside teslerapp.co is looking good! That Tesler Trading System is a Scam and does not deserve your time and it is clearly made to loot your hard earn money! The crooks behind scams just change the actors, the domains and some names and words here and there, promised fast rewards, almost do nothing except registration, you stay at home and money starts to come to you themselves. If this was true, we all will be millionaires. The real world doesn’t work like that. We simply cannot let you sign up and lose anything with that Scam Software!

Review Verdict: Tesler Trading Software is a Confirmed Scam! Be watchful and Avoid teslerapp.co!

Binary Options Trading can be turn into very lucrative income. Unfortunately, emerging markets attract too many liars, impostors and fake software! Therefore, make sure to always rely on good reputed help-trading tools and brokers! Binary Options newcomers must always consider registrations with free demo accounts, until they are more confident to start with real accounts and money! We are trying to reveal all shady Scams, as soon as we can! So you folks can be worn in time!

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