Trade Fusion Scam Investigation

 Trade Fusion Scam Investigation!

This exposure review will answer very important questions for you! Is Trade Fusion APP “The Biggest Financial Revolution Since Internet”?


Trade Fusion Scam Review

Trade Fusion is few weeks old binary options auto trading service. According to the information displayed inside, this software is based mainly on weather forecast analysis. In the video presentation they gave example with Eduardo Saverin the co-founder of Facebook, he predicted a cold winter and started to buy heat oil, eventually it turned out that he made around $300,000. After the heat oil price really got into some serious uptrend, when the next winter really turned to be cold. Well that’s great but if, the forecast turns bad you`ll be losing money. So the creators of Trade Fusion APP decided to make this software even more precise and they have added algorithms which will automatically analyst: current events, future News releases, social content and market data simultaneously and the system will be updated on daily basis. Everything sounds great, and if it was possible this investment app will really make you rich. Unfortunately, we have found some really disturbing facts during our investigation. Also, we received many complains from day traders, claiming that after they started the software, their accounts were depleted in matter of hours. Of course we won’t rely only on those unbiased testimonials, that’s why our honest investigation will try to find out the truth!

Is it possible to make money with this trading bot using the financial instrument Binary Options, relying on historical weather pattern formations?

Well technically its possible if your broker allows long term trading, 1 month, 6 months and end of the year! Otherwise you better use Forex trading, since there you have more control over the expiry times. Trade Fusion Software, places trades from 10 to 1-hour maximum end of the day trades, obviously uncapable of taking long term trading.

Is Timothy Marcus real person? Are there team of experts working in New York Office improving and tweaking the software every day, adding the analysis form the latest algorithm researches? Is there Relation between Trade Fusion APP and the gigantic news portal CNBC!

The alleged CEO Timothy Marcus, long with the whole Trade Fusion Software team are just invented personalities! They are using stock model photos and random names. If you make Google search regarding these identities, you`ll be finding only posts related to! But the more disturbing fact is that after Trade Fusion got launched the pictures under the names of the Lead project manager and the rest of his crew where completely different. We have found the old picture and we will add both pictures below so you can see the difference! Clearly if everything is phony there is no office with people in it working to improve Trade Fusion APP, = plus, we can’t see them in the video, which just confirms the lie!


Trade Fusion Scam Review



Trade Fusion Scam Review

According to the back ground story this services is endorsed and Featured on CNBC, by Anthony Grisanti – host for CNBC’s Futures Now Segment! The person Anthony Grisanti do exist and its associate with CNBC, however we couldn’t find any information on for Trade Fusion APP.

Overall no one is endorsing this scam service, Google is full of negative reviews from many reputed industry blogs.

Are the brokerages behind Trade Fusion Software Safe?

No they are everything but NOT SAFE! We met some very frightening names inside Cititrader aka Citrades (they changed their name) – one of the most terrible brokers out there, scammed people for millions, there are many negative reviews and stories form people who got trapped into their nets all around the web. Binary Brokerz – another terrible unregulated broker with bad reputation. BigOption – same story… Overall all the brokers we saw to be synced with this trading bot are not to be trusted!

Trade Fusion Scam Detected!

We are completely sure at this point that Trade Fusion is a scam! We can admit that the criminals behind this fraud are good, but they are not that good to convince! Statements like “With Trade Fusion Software your Reliability and Success are 100% Guaranteed” are just too good to be true! When you look closer inside you can find many other small things that can back up our negative review! For your own good beware avoid this trading system its unhealthy for your money!

Final Verdict: Trade Fusion Scam Confirmed! Investing with this Application Involves High Risk!

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Current best app is CodeFibo!

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  1. Stay away from this scam service everyone!!!! I got tricked and my account manager convinced me to invest $500, because it was a nice, safe and profitable software! Bulls**t, I lost all my money for 1 day !!!! Do not Touch this trading system. I was assigned with UKOption i don’t know if the broker is good but the robot is a SCAM!

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