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Trade Tracker Pro is one of the many Binary Option Auto trading systems, released during the past days. Unfortunately most of this systems are fraud and every day there is a new launch. If, you really want to try good Binary Options trading bot, make deep research before you choose one. Now let’s focus on our main subject Trade Tracker Pro. First when we land on their webpage we can see that there is only one video there and nothing else. This is very suspicious, one reliable company cannot afford to exhibit themselves with one so empty presentation of their own product. Web page must include at least some information about the company, detail and descriptions for their products and provided services. Some contacts and a lot of financial information in case that they provide system associated with the financial world. If, you see so poorly made page, you must check it before to trust of anything inside. Check how old the page is, and always check the industry blogs / forums for complaints.


Trade Tracker Pro Scam Review

So we have only video – let’s discuss it a little bit. The background story is rather fun, and enjoying to watch but don’t be fooled its all fake! Made up with single purpose to make you eager and push you into registration! A strange looking bearded guy – Derek Stone who just quit his job for Morgan Stanley! The reason was simple, because his friend from Trade Tracker Pro offer him a hard to refuse deal! If he fail to generate profit 80 000 USD by using the service for one month, the service owners will refund him 35 000 USD! Interest thing is that we couldn’t see any contacts / coordination, or other proof like, at least “terms” posted on the web page by the alleged company. The next important thing that Derek Stone share with us is that the Software is based on “cutting edge complex code” witch analyzes market trades using the financial instrument binary options. That’s all the information given to us about the software. There is no detailed explanation, no diagrams, no calculations, no any documents for patent  or any information on what kind of indicators this software is based on!

Check the old and reliable Copy Buffett!

The next “little” thing is the Date 1/18/2016 – so here is 100% Evidence for Fraud, because when we checked the domain with simple search, clearly showing that is registered on 01.03.2016. Month and a half after that VIOD’s release! So YOU CAN BE SURE, Trade Tracker Pro IS A SCAM. But let’s proceed with the video in order to find other funny and dubious things. Mr. Stone has one phrase about Trade Tracker Pro Scam – “It’s completely “risk-free” Trading”! Everyone who have a little more then zero experience in trading knows, that such things as Free-Risk Trading does not exist! We see another big fail from Derek Stone when he goes to ATM machine to gets his money, he makes withdraw from his own GTOption account instantly and he withdraws money from the ATM next to him. Truth is that brokers can not transfer funds to bank account immediately, and specifically GTOption, they need minimum three (3) business day. You can read the brokerage WITHDRAWAL policy here:!

Almost in the end we can see another star – Josh Foreman. Presenting himself as the creator of this “amazing” service. We did our research and there is no information about Josh Foreman the software developer on Google! The only posts that appear associated with this identity are connected only with the bogus web! A big mouth Man with Big ass Company, which generates millions of dollars every month, but there is no information about him!?!  Clearly he is invented personality, with marketing purposes!

Our conclusion is that this pathetic service can offer only risk and nothing more! Deciding to invest with Trade Tracker Pro Scam, will bring only loses for you! Our Investigation couldn’t find and credible information proving the service legitimacy! Poorly made sales pitch page with many misleading and over-promising statements! We simply can’t trust or recommend that trading system!

Verdict – Trade Tracker Pro Scam CONFIRMED! Avoid this phony software! Also, Avoid Wall Street Focus Group – its another fraud!

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