Virtual Income Scam Warning

 Virtual Income Scam Investigation!

The following scam review will expose this fraud operation! Do not register with this software before you read this article.

Virtual Income is new binary options software really getting a lot of attention these days. The algo-trading system is supposed to provide you daily income of over $10,000 on full autopilot! Thing is that such profits can be achieved only with high budget, starting with initial $250 cannot provide such staggering profits right after you start. During our investigation we found so many bogus facts that will really amaze you! The shady criminals behind this software are really arrogant!

Virtual income scam review

Is Virtual Income Scam?

Virtual Income is using very sophisticated high speed algo-trading algorithm. However, such algorithms require very expensive and advanced technology long with very powerful services and computers. There is no explanation were Virtual Income Ltd. Is settled and we can’t say for sure that this company ever exists!  No address no names no facility no nothing. It just smells too fishy!

The official page that will be targeted by this in-depth review is; We will start by discussing the information extracted by the video presentation. The presenter who preferred to stay anonymous, made some truly questionable statements. Of course a nice trick so we can’t research his personality.

Virtual Income Ltd. is on a bridge of becoming public company! Before they announce their Initial Public Offering (IPO) they need to proof that their algorithm really works as they claim! So now the creators of this lame software need you as victims to proof this service as legit or scam one! We really don’t like that whole thing with the rabbit(day-trader) experiment!

The Virtual Income members has generated millions of dollars and they are exposed verified results inside! We took a closer look, and we found some time conflicting facts. According to simple WhoIS search the domain is registered on 23.01.2016. Some of the “trust wordy” results are exposed with dates before that specific date when this software was not available yet! We think that that those so called verified results are fabricated. After all we, there is no explanation who verified them and we don’t see any real authority seal that can proof the verification!


Now we would like to go hardcore and really reveal the true face of Virtual Income Scam! Before few days we reviewed and exposed another very dangerous scam called Amissio Formula! Today when we watched the video of Virtual Income we saw that the promotion VODs are all recorded in the very same room just by different paid actors! Obviously those two pathetic scams are developed by the very same people! Amissio Formula has scammed hundreds of people, and there are negative stories all around the web warning about this viral fraud! Now we want to warn you about Virtual Income! We will provide screenshot just as proof!

Review Conclusion!

The word about Virtual Income Scam and Amissio is spread around by pesky email marketers who blast millions of emails all over the world in search of newbie traders who search for short cuts to wealth! Such shortcuts do not exist and you might lose money during the hard process of realizing the above statement! This particular software is badly mad scam, and investing with-it hides high risk, we definitely don’t recommend it!

Review Verdict: Virtual Income Scam Confirmed! Avoid do not invest, better to use your money for wiser purposes!!!

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